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What is a “Cotillon" ?

After spending so much time and money organizing a special event,

Don’t you want your guests to have the most memorable time?

Hence, the idea of a “Cotillon” was born, in order to maintain certain ambience and keep the guests in the best party mood. It is the best way to keep the party alive and to create ever-lasting memories.

A “Cotillon” consists of many different products to be given away to the guests at a special time – such as hats, sorted head pieces, masks, noise makers, streamers, confetti etc. – specially conceived to keep the party alive. These products are usually based on a theme and/or personalized to your liking.


Dreaming of a unique and joyful celebration?

Our collections will provide a truly dreamy crazy hour!

Special Items

For those who deserve to feel special!

Guest of honor, hosts, celebrities or an original surprise…

Party sets

Do you want to have a fun, unique and elegant moment in your event ?

Your dreamy and happy “crazy hour” will be achieved with our party sets, which you can be chosen from our long list of themes and which may be combined between them making it unique and exceptional.


How is everything began ...

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We are happy designing fantasies !