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· Silbatos brújula · Trompetas · Collares de hojas · Clips de flores · Lentes rainforest · Mini hat rainforest · Gorras de camuflage · Sombreros safari (*)

Combo Rainforest


It is our recommendation that you purchase enough party sets for “at least half of the invitees, and ideally a little bit more than half of the guests” counting no less than 2 items per guest.
In case of a small party, we suggest you acquire party sets for most of the guests.


El combo Rainforest brinda un ambiente diferente, un estilo único! los momentos se hacen especiales y los recuerdos inolvidables, así como deseas que sea tu fiesta o evento; seguramente tienes el motivo y la ocasión para esta temática divertida para el cotillón de tu hora loca.

*This Party Set gathers an assortment of items based on indicated quantity. These products are subject to inventory and may be replaced with an item of similar quality and value. Images are not binding

Preparation and Delivery Time: 4 to 5 weeks with the U.S.A. International and Express shipping available.

– Personalization: Any personalized orders, such as adding logo or customized items, should be indicated at the end of your purchase. We will contact you to discuss more in detail and estimate costs involved.

How to calculate the Party Set quantity?

Each “cotillon” is calculated based on half of the total number of guests at an event. “Half is just fine, but sometimes the ideal amount would be slightly more than half… Even though every guest will get a cotillon in the end, there will never be plenty to go around! Same thing happens after a piñata is broken at party for grown-ups, which is the moment when the real fun starts! 

*You can use this table to calculate the number of guests based on the quantity of cotillon desire.