101 Collections party Returns policy

Exchange, refund or returns policy

We want you to be thrilled with your purchase and we will do everything possible to make the item (s) you receive much better than you dreamed of and if we do not, we will do our best to help you be happy.

Special items such as crowns, hats, mini hats, tiaras, helmets and masks are entitled to be refunded or returned according to the complaint. If an item is not satisfactory, a written explanation is needed before the item is considered for a refund. If the article was made according to the choice, selection and specifications of the client the article will not have exchanges, neither refunds nor returns.

Our party set or collections are personalized either in the number of items according to the specifications given in the purchase order and by the selected theme, which implies the hand-crafting of certain items and the preparation and customization of it; these products are not allowed changes, neither refunds nor returns.

All refunds, returns or exchanges of hand-made items will be considered and decided according to the complaint or case. If an item is not satisfactory, a written explanation is needed before the item is considered for a refund. The time to make the request will be one (1) day after receipt of the product and the two (2) next days to be placed for shipment.

Refunds, returns or exchanges are processed by e-mail to

Custom orders

We love being able to create unique and personalized items for our clients. If you are looking to buy a custom made and tailor made item, contact us at hello@101collectionsparty.com and we can chat about what you are looking for.

Please keep in mind that when a custom article is made, it may take an additional time to the standard to find the best ideas and the best materials to make your article that meets your fantasy. Please consider more time in the production and delivery of your personalized orders. Custom items have no changes, no refunds or returns.

Refunds, returns or exchanges will exclude shipping and handling charges.

There is no guarantee of resolution, but we will do our best to help you.